Feb 21

Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer – Product Review

Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer

Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer is a brilliant product,
Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer in superb Silver Medal with splash guard and 5.2 liter Bowl + spatula + 128 Page power Blender Cookbook.

Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer has some exceptional features as an additional engine powerful (power max output), special robust mechanism and a huge 5.2-liter stainless steel flat. Mixer was recently voted by the newspaper independent as being in the Top ten best mixers
Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer comes with a recipe book of the food mixer, filled with delicious recipes for bread’s and cakes. The 5.2-liter bowl is made of high-quality grade 304 stainless steel
the Mixer also has a very useful splash guard, there are 4 accessories included, dough hook, Flexible beater blade, aluminum beater blade & stainless steel the dough hook and beater blade are made of special aluminum which is perfect for making bread’s and cakes.
Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer is equipped with 6 power levels and also a pulse level. The device is easy to clean but also to exploit. The stainless steel mixing Bowl is dishwasher-safe, and the set comes with a 12 month warranty
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Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer is a kitchen appliance that lives up to its name and reputation. Solid construction adds to its life but it will resist punishment active kitchen and cook can give it. This New model Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer will withstand heavy artillery at all levels and provide the user with a machine that does it all. Its unique design is the one that will find its way to the shelf rather than storing them in the Cabinet.

Initial impression of this new model Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer is one of approval, I know some of the reviews say about it’s “cheap look and makeup” but when you compare this to some of the other branded names and look at their prices it’s probably to be expected.

I had been looking longingly at these larger stand style of mixers like this new model Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer for some time but just wouldn’t commit to buying, my wife has an aversion to anything remotely connected to cooking or the kitchen, and has always made me feel that one would be a waste of money, however I succumbed to temptation on Sunday and ordered this new model Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer.

I am really pleased with this new model Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer, and within an hour of this new model Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer being out of the box it had mixed up a batch of cakes, kneaded bread and whisked egg whites for a meringue. NOT I hasten to add, made by the wife!

I tried all the different speed settings on this new model Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer and whilst it isn’t exactly quiet, it is by no means that this new model Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer is a noisy machine, some reviews mention it being loud, I didn’t find the noise from the motor anything to criticise, My food blender makes as much if not more noise.
The rubber sucker feet of this new model Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer held it secure and it certainly didn’t wander about the work top, even when kneading a full batch of dough.
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I love this new model Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer the machine already and despite my wife not wanting it on display “cluttering HER worktop” this new model Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer does look a nice piece of kitchen equipment that should not be relegated to the back of a cupboard when not in use, mind you if today is anything to go by it, will be well used and have no time for being in the back of a cupboard.

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This new model Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer has a brilliant delivery service from Andrew James, it was here within 48 hours of being ordered.

I have purchased from Andrew James in the past for other kitchen items and am aware of their excellent customer service,and standard of products, so when ordering this new model Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer had no doubts at all that if it should not live up to my expectations, there would be no problems in returning it, however, based upon today’s initial trials it’s going nowhere.

I reserve the right to comment further at a later date when it has really been put through it’s paces, but based upon todays trials all I can add is;This new model Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer is a brilliant product, unbeatable price, second to non customer care, you just can’t go wrong.
New Model Andrew James 1500 WATT Electric Food Stand Mixer In Stunning Silver With Splash Guard and 5.2 Litre Bowl + Spatula + 128 Page Food Mixer Cookbook

Jul 31

Ringside Apex Flash Sparring Gloves Review

Great Gloves For Training, If Your Hands Aren’t XXL or XXS,

They’re not leather, they’re not regulation-compliant with any sanctioned Martial Art, but these Ringside Apex gloves feel pretty tough, using some sort of synthetic polymer with a tight, symmetrical weave that has the faceted look of presentation-grade carbon-fiber. These are made for the gym, and I they function well in that capacity. My only major question is how this material will hold up after a few months of daily or even weekly regimen of heavy bags, speed bags, and sparring with head-gear… will it start to thin from the repeated friction, and eventually wear out at the most common points of contact, or put leather to shame? But that’s a question-mark with any boxing gloves, leather or no. There’s not that many textile products subjected to that kind of abuse, and only time and pressure can sort the good from the bad. What does set these apart is the padding, which is Injection Molded Foam — or ‘IMF-Tech’, which they were apparently so giddy about they turned it into a repeating motif all over the thumb; pretty garish, but… boxing gloves aren’t really on the front-lines of style — which makes for less chance of breaking up and falling apart, as other kinds of foam padding do.

They seem to be one-size fits all — there’s color options a plenty, but no size options — so I couldn’t quite fit my XXL hands in them properly; the thumb was too high, my hand had to arch to fit the width, and my palm was just above the strap… but surprisingly, I could still strike without the awkward fit causing any discomfort, once I got used to it. The padded ridges and stiff plastic inserts within the secure velcro cuffs provide excellent wrist support, which is something cheaper gloves overlook, preventing hyperextension injuries; I didn’t even think about wrapping my hands… which is good, because there’s no way the gloves would fit if I was wrapped. And the IMF padding on the hand is very thick — they’re 16oz gloves, but 14oz are available — without a hint of softness, and a dense rigidity that will allow you to inflict permanent and irreparable brain damage on your sparring partners without breaking your hand in the process. That’s a plus. And a joke. I haven’t sparred in over a decade, primarily for the sake of keeping what little gray matter still remains after years of making bad decisions for all the right reasons.*

That said, I still love combat sports, including boxing. And as far as exercise goes, MMA and boxing have the best workout regimens of any athletic discipline. There’s nothing like throwing punches and kicks at a heavy bag for developing strength AND cardio; I hate running, I hate biking. I hate swimming. But I love punching inanimate objects… strength, cardio, AND therapy. I’m pleased with the quality of the construction and the design, and I’m fairly convinced the foam and inner glove can stand up to the rigors of the heavy bag. I don’t recommend them for people with very large or very small hands, but for everyone else, I think these are great training gloves. Wrapping your hands is recommended as well, for protection, and to keep some of the sweat from adding to the wear and tear. I still need to answer the big longevity question, since I’m used to leather gloves, but Ringside know their stuff, and I’m betting they’ll fare well.

FOOTNOTE/OPINION (Unrelated specifically to the product):
*Evidence continues to mount that boxing is much more dangerous than just broken jaws and shattered orbitals. The number of boxers that have died in the ring is much, much higher than other combat sports, most notably MMA. Though MMA (UFC to newbs) looks far more vicious and dangerous, with fighters following their opponent to the ground after a knockdown and relentlessly striking until the Ref waves it off, there have only been a couple of deaths since the sport’s inception 25 years ago. Dozens of boxers have been killed in the same time period. Ironically, while boxing seems more ‘civil’, with it’s standing 8-counts and gloves that are larger, they do actually far more harm. The standing 8-count gives a fighter who might actually be concussed just enough time to head back out and take further damage; in MMA, the second a fighter gets hurt, he’s given no chance to recover. If he can’t adequately defend himself, the fight is over. The larger gloves, meanwhile, protect the hand, allowing a fighter to throw full-power shots without fear of breaking fragile carpal bones. The big 14oz and 16oz gloves were designed to keep hands safe, not heads. The fact that they don’t cause the kind of superficial cuts that turn fights into a bloody mess is not necessarily safer. Cuts don’t kill, but in MMA they regularly end fights. If a fighter is taking heavy damage, it’ll often coincide with a cut bad enough for the reff or doctor to wave off the fight, protecting them from the far more dangerous internal bleeding and swelling they’d suffer if the fight went on. Lastly… adding an extra pound to each fist increases the kinetic force of the strike: K = M x V2. I don’t think I need to explain further, but it’s the reason people used to carry a roll of quarters in their fist. If you don’t think it makes a difference, just ask Miguel Cotto how it felt to fight an opponent he would’ve beaten, if Margarito hadn’t cheated and applied plaster to his wraps, adding another few ounces to his gloves (Margarito was busted for this during a later fight, but it’s accepted that the brutal beating he put on Cotto in the first fight was thanks to his artificially enhanced power). On second thought, don’t actually try to ask Cotto about that fight. It’s a sore subject, and Google works fine.

Jul 30

Car Air Purifier Review

Car Air Purifier seems to make the car air quality a little better,

Car Air Purifier seems to clear the air pretty well, definitely,makes the car smell cleaner.It includes a nice smelling lemon wafer that you put into the back of the unit, it has lasted a month since I’ve owned this and is not overpowering at all. After this drys out I will put some essential oil drops on the wafer to recharge it
Car Air Purifier
Now, Car Air Purifier is not the most efficient at creating ions but does serve the purpose but to limited capacity. Ideally, this is best suited to a smaller car to have any determinable increase in negative ions.

It has no internal filtering or ionization device, instead,it uses two carbon impregnated brushes that stick out the front from the vent holes to cause essentially a bolt of electricity that creates ions. While this is not the most efficient or ideal way to produce ions, it does, however,function to some degree.

Overall Car Air Purifier is still a nice product but perhaps overrated in its ability to produce negative ions. None the less,I have noticed a small but marketable improvement in my cars air quality… whether this is a placebo effect,I am unsure.

I did receive a discount on this Car Air Purifier in exchange for testing it and reviewing it afterwards.

Jul 28

Portable Changing Pads Review

Portable Changing Pads nicely designed – Well Made,

Nicely designed,Portable Changing Pads well sized changing mat with storage compartments for wipes.

When folded this changing mat is small enough to fit in your diaper bag or even larger purse.
Portable Changing Pads
Portable Changing Pads When unfolded the mat provides a clean, hygienic surface to change the baby.

There are two storage pouches on the inside of the bag for wipes and other items as well as one zippered storage compartment on the outside when folded.
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One thing the pictures on Amazon don’t show is that the changing mat can be detached from the storage compartments via a zipper. This is great because it can make the mat/bag smaller so the mat can fit on smaller counters, tables or surfaces and it makes it easier to clean the mat portion of the changing bag without getting the storage compartments wet or dirty

Overall this is a nicely designed Portable Changing Pads. We gave it to our daughter who recently had a baby and she loves it.

Jul 28

EC Technology USB 3.1 Type C Card Reader Review

EC Technology USB 3.1 Type C Card Reader is a Must Have for New MacBook Owners,

I’ve been using the EC Technology regular USB Card Reader for almost a year now on my iMac with now issues but when I got my new 12 inch USB C MacBook I would have to use a USB C to USB Hub to first convert USB C from the MacBook into standard USB – that required two adapters.
EC Technology USB 3.1 Type C Card Reader
This new EC Technology USB C Card Reader is a must have for new MacBook owners. It plugs directly into the MacBooks USB C port and enables you to Read Compact Flash, SD and Micro SD Cards.

USB C can sometimes be an issue but this EC-Card Reader worked perfectly and was instantly recognized by the MacBook.
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Read and Write Speeds are blazingly fast and the build quality of this adapter is first class.

The Card Reader is built mostly of plastic with an anodized aluminum cover. The cable is 6 inches (15cm) long and has a USB-C connector on it.

Overall I’ve very happy with the convenience and performance of this USB C Card reader and would highly recommend it to any New MacBook Owner or Windows USB C equipped computer.

Jul 27

Cute Little Turtle Purple Pendant Necklace Review

Cute Little Turtle Purple Pendant Necklace.I love the turtle!

This Cute Little Turtle Purple Pendant Necklace is my absolute favourite of the jewellery I received from this company. Unlike the other reviewer, I actually think it looks more expensive than it is and I didn’t think I’d like it this much. It’s cute and the turtle design gives it a nice touch of whimsy. The large gem on the turtle’s back is set well and fits perfectly and is extremely sparkly.
Cute Little Turtle Purple Pendant Necklace Review
I like that the chain Cute Little Turtle Purple Pendant Necklace. is chunkier and thicker than you usually see. As a plus size lady, I found that the larger design suited me better and wasn’t too overwhelming, but if you are fine-boned it might not suit you as well. It’s also a good length of chain, hanging at the perfect height for me.

Overall, I found this Cute Little Turtle Purple Pendant Necklace to be good quality with a good chain length, nice and sparkly and a super cute design!
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+ Good Chain Length.
+ Suitable for plus size.
+ Whimsical, cute turtle design.
+ Nice and sparkly.
+ Good quality, no flaws or problems with the setting.

– Might be too big or overbearing for some.

Jul 26

TeckNet® 1080P USB HD Webcam With Built-in Microphone Review

TeckNet® 1080P USB HD Webcam With Built-in Microphone is an easy installation,

Happy to say this TeckNet® 1080P USB HD Webcam With Built-in Microphone worked right out if the box.
I’m not very computer savvy but I had no trouble making this HD cam work.
I used it on my Windows 7 OS with an Intel i5 core. I did not use the install disk provided.
From what I gather this disk includes drivers for the cam in case you were using an old version of Windows that may not readily support the webcam. It also contains software to test and tweak the device.
The mic worked for me as well.
The picture is definitely of high quality that was clear and crisp. The frame rate had a tiny lag but acceptable compared to other cams I have used before.
TeckNet® 1080P USB HD Webcam With Built-in Microphone
•Win 2003/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8 (w/ no driver installation needed
•min 1Ghz Intel Core 2 duo
•200 MB HD space
•USB 2.0 or higher
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Points if note:

•no external power needed but USB
•clamp is a bendable clamp, not clip on
•can focus by turning the lens on the camera

FULL HD 1080p video recording:

•3.0 GHz. Intel Core duo
•2GB ram
•1920x 1080 HD screen resolution
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TeckNet® 1080P USB HD Webcam With Built-in Microphone is a great high-quality webcam for a reasonable price. Easy plug and play set up for those who are not too tech-savvy. Extra drivers on cd with software that allows you to tweak camera settings.

Jul 25

Vantrue N1 Car Dash Cam Review

Vantrue N1 Car Dash Cam with an average resolution but great picture quality and professional build,

Having used the Vantrue R2 dash previously and being really happy with it, I expected the slightly more budget minded N1 to be just as awesome but with a few expected compromises on the specifications. The long and short of it is, I was pretty much exactly right with my expectations. The Vantrue N1 Car Dash Cam is basically every bit as good as the R2 but at a slightly lower maximum resolution (1080P @ 30hz) and in a slightly more compact case.
Vantrue N1 Car Dash Cam
Like the R2, the Vantrue N1 Car Dash Cam uses a great suction cup mount system that integrates the USB power connection onto the mount leaving the camera itself easy to pull off and install on the mount without having to deal with any wires. Also like the R2, unfortunately, both the camera and the mount use mini-USB ports instead of micro-usb ports, which means if you’re going to use your own cabling chances are you will have to buy something just for this dashcam as very few devices these days use mini-USB any more. I’ve grown to like the suction cup mounting system used on the Vantrue dash cams over the semi-permanent adhesive mounts from some of my other dash cams which you can’t get off unless you saw them off with some dental floss. You do get a little bit of extra camera shake with the suction cup system but it is very minor and doesn’t really affect the usefulness of the footage at all. While it’s good that the USB cable connects to the mount instead of directly to the cam, it seems like it was designed for right hand drive cars because it’s placed in a not so ideal place for us in North America as the cable comes out to the left – this means that if you place the cam on the driver side of the rear view mirror the cable comes out the left and then has to go up and around assuming you’ll want to route the cable around the passenger side trim.
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Build quality of the N1 is excellent, particularly compared to most inexpensive Chinese market dash cams. It’s clear that there was attention to detail paid when designing it and that the housing for the camera was not just a simple afterthought as a means of enclosing the guts of the camera in the most inexpensive way possible. It actually looks and feels like a high end piece of equipment and the buttons to control it’s various functions are placed in such a way that make them actually usable while mounted – you would think this is something you could take for granted but my experience with dash cams has proven otherwise either with buttons that are placed badly or are just simply too small to use blindly. The screen is large and while not anything I would call high resolution, it’s bright enough to see clearly even in sunlight and by comparison to other cams is sharp. The actual menu system is fairly intuitive, once you know what buttons to use (a combination of rear and side buttons are needed for navigation). The only thing about the design of the actual cam itself that has bugged me is that it seems to be pretty difficult to remove the SD card from it once you get it in there – I almost always need to find something small and thin to press in there because without long nails I just can’t get to it as the card slot is surrounded by an indent in the case.
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Video quality was as I expected, very good all around just at a lower resolution than some other cameras as it has a maximum of 1080P. While you can get higher resolution from other cameras, simply having a higher resolution sensor doesn’t mean automatically that you get better video and I think the N1 gives you an overall better video than some other higher resolution cameras that I’ve tested even though the actual resolution specification is less. At the end of the day, there still isn’t a dash cam on the market that I’ve used that can reliably make out things like license plates unless they are right in front of the car so the extra resolution isn’t strictly needed. If you’re going to be getting by on a smaller memory card you may even want to reduce the resolution from the maximum in order to fit more footage on it before it loops (it gives you a lot of options for the loop file size, but personally I prefer larger files before splitting even though it means that you lose larger chunks in the case of recording issues, power interruptions, or when looping takes place).
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I would honestly recommend a Vantrue dash cam to my friends and family if they asked me about what brand of dash cam they should buy, if one of them fit their budget. The N1 is particularly well suited to those who want something smaller and more discrete and aren’t particularly concerned about getting the highest resolution recordings. It still does cost a little bit more than some other options, but I feel that you definitely are getting what you pay for and the N1 is a great value.

Jul 25

AULA Professional Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

AULA Professional Mechanical Gaming Keyboard doesn’t use the standard US layout for the enter key, which takes some getting used to,

Starting off with the couple of negative things. The fact that it doesn’t use a standard US layout is one, at least when it’s being sold in North America. Most of the keys are where you would expect them in North America but the enter key is an international/european style which means the backslash is also moved slightly. The other thing is that although the switches are great, the keycaps themselves are kind of loose on the switches so they kind of rotate a bit on the switches and aren’t all lined up perfectly and also have a little wobble from side to side especially on the larger keys. I find this a bit annoying but it’s not a deal breaker.

As a software developer, I am a heavy keyboard user. I probably give more keys, even the strange ones, more of a workout than most people do day to day. Over the years, I’ve learned through a lot of trial and error that the best keyboards, period, are always sold as “gaming” keyboards. Needless to say I use keyboards far more for work than I do for gaming, but I don’t even bother with keyboards that aren’t marketed for gaming any more. Unfortunately, there is a slight problem with doing this in that the vast majority of keyboards sold for gaming also tend to be wildly large, colourful, and well… look like gaming peripherals and completely unprofessional. The office supplies a company laptop for me to work on, which I’m expected to bring with me when I have to travel for business but I hate typing on laptop keyboards and I always bring my own keyboard with me. Most of the time, I have to take an inferior model just because it happens to fit in my laptop bag and because it doesn’t look like I’m going to be playing Quake 3 Arena or something on it.
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For something “marketed” as a gaming keyboard, is is probably the most boring looking keyboard ever (Thank you!), and apart from it’s superior build quality, mechanical switches it is really light on “gaming” features. It’s also easily one of the most compact mechanical keyboard I own, in fact, it is exactly the same width as my 15″ office laptop and fits right into my slightly oversized bag I carry the laptop in. It helps that it’s tenkeyless (no numpad), which I really never use. It is rather heavy, compared to your standard bargain basement plastic membrane keyboards but I feel it’s worth it. It has a thick metal cover plate and feels extremely tough and sturdy all around. There also, even though it kind of look like it might, is no key backlighting on this model (also a no no for my conservative needs for work, anyway) but I still would have liked to see a backlight that could be turned on or off. Another omission for this keyboard which is becoming more common for mechanical keyboards is the lack of a braided cable, though there is nothing particularly “wrong” with the cable included.
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The switches on this keyboard are Blue switches, which actually are my favourite type of switches even though they are noisy. Yes, they may bother someone else in close quarters to you but the typing feel of them is just the best for me (personal preference) and I have used all sorts of varieties. The actual switch model on these is a Cherry MX Blue “clone”. Back to back use to a Cherry MX Blue keyboard I have I can honestly not tell a difference in the switch itself though the keycaps aren’t great. Due to the more compact size, I found the key caps spaced ever so slightly closer together than some larger keyboards but I was typing error free on them within a few minutes of starting to use it.
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Bottom line is that this keyboard is proving to be really useful for work and I particularly recommend it to people who are looking for a “gaming quality” mechanical keyboard but without the gaming look, and if you’re particularly interested in a compact keyboard that won’t take a lot of desk space and will fit easily in a bag. It’s built like a tank and has a good, subdued and professional design. The price of the keyboard, I think, is also extremely reasonable for the quality.

Jul 25

Brightest & Best LED Headlamp Flashlight Review

Brightest & the best LED Headlamp Flashlight of good quality – the price needs to be more realistic,

This arrived with a “bonus” cyan coloured wristband, not sure it’s a must have for a head torch but some might find a use for it. Powered via 3 x AAA cells (good quality Duracell alkaline ones are supplied) there are two controls on the top the left one handles the red LED and the right the “white” or normal light. Each button is sealed against water ingress as is the back panel for the battery cover via a silicone seal around it, which is hinged making it easy to replace the cells. Rated to IPX6 that means water jets (ie rain) it’s not designed to be submerged in water the sealing should ensure no issues in poor weather.The main light unit has a four position setting allowing you to angle it downwards almost directly, I usually aim it down slightly when walking along to avoid dazzling cars or other people.
Brightest & Best LED Headlamp Flashlight
A single press of the button gives you 3 power levels the top one being quite bright not as powerful as the heavier lithium LED lights but plenty of output to clearly see if you are in pitch black and walking or working on the car etc. The flashing mode is an SOS style three longer and shorter pulses, there is no rapid flashing mode on this. Red light has either a static mode – this is designed to be useful if you want to preserve night vision (normal light ruins this red is preferable), and a pulsing flashing mode which could find a use if you are cycling or walking at night. The level of power on the red light isn’t as much as the white light, but it’s good enough to see areas in close proximity or 6-7 metres in the distance.
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No gesture sensing on this light which isn’t a must have, but I found it useful for a few activities. Prices on these head torches vary considerably and I have bought quite a few myself from the usual auction site; with somewhat mixed results. Some units are pretty good others have fiddly battery compartments and lower grade plastics/thin head straps. This is priced a bit high in my opinion though the quality is very good and it’s comfortable too (behind the light unit is a foam pad which helps avoid and digging in effect from the plastic back). Materials are dense and the dual buttons make switching light modes easy compared to the single button models around which require longer presses to switch modes. I’d invest in a decent set of rechargeable AAA cells for the light once the supplied Alkaline ones are gone. Battery life is around 30 hours for the main light with much higher figures for lower power levels. It’s next to impossible to measure the lumen’s output accurately it’s quoted as 168/75/10 for the main light with 17 for the SOS; the red LED doesn’t have a rating. I’ve no complaints with the build or output, and the instructions are well presented and clear. I might have liked a gesture mode included, even if it’s a
non-essential add-on feature.

A decent head torch, but it should be a bit cheaper.

Jul 23

Braun MQ777 Multiquick 7-Hand Blender Review

The most important improvements from the 735 with a different set of tools. Is it worth the expense?

This is the top of the line variation of the North American Multiquick hand blender series from Braun, there are actually a dizzying array of variations of this tool available worldwide but there are “only” three choices here. The Multiquick 5 variation being the most basic, containing only the main blending wand and whisk tool and a slightly detuned motor that loses 50W of power and lacks the variable speed trigger system. The mid range 735 kit which brings massive improvements in certain areas of quality and ease of use, a power upgrade and the small chopper of dubious but occasionally useful value, and this 777 which is everything the 735 was but drops the chopper and replaces it with a more useful mini food processor and mashing tool.

There is a relatively large price delta between each of the models, and I felt that the price difference between the basic and mid range was completely justified and added significant value but I am not so convinced about the 777 kit. You can read my review of the 735 for a detailed look at the entire blending system including the absolutely awesome core of the system, so I won’t rehash it here but I do want to focus on the tool additions/substitutions that the (currently) $70 price increase buys you.

Firstly the chopper – arguably the star of the show – which I was not convinced added a lot of value to the 735 is gone, even though I was not in love with this attachment I have to say for the difference in price and considering how simple the part is they really ought to have just thrown it in for those who are investing in the top of the line kit. I understand why they didn’t feel the need to include it, since technically the food processor attachment should basically allow you to do the same things and more that the small chopper did,however,the small chopper being a simple tool with fewer pieces is easier to clean so for very small quantity chopping jobs it would still find a niche. In its place is the more versatile “food processor” which I intentionally put the quotes because it is still an extremely small tool for a food processor which for me the name evokes something that is meant to make LARGE chopping, shredding, slicing etc. jobs less time consuming. While this certainly does emulate the basic premise of a food processor it is much too small to replace a food processor. To get an idea about what you might use this tool for think small, literally… it’s not going to save you a lot of time unless you want very small bits of something because the feed chute on it is pretty tiny – this also means be prepared to be cutting whatever you’re putting into it into pretty small chunks before you can even get it into it. Apart from the relatively small 6 cup capacity of the bowl itself,it’s the feed chute that is the real bear here coming from somebody that thinks the feed chute in our full size 14 cup monster isn’t big enough either. Still, it’ll fit long skinny vegetables in it OK for slicing so if you’re making a salad or something it definitely will save you a whole bunch of time as long as whatever you’re slicing or shredding will not require too much manual cutting before it’ll even get in the machine at that point I would just hold on to the knife, get it over with and just finish the job the old fashioned way. It may sound like I’m being really critical of the food processor tool, but I’m not really, I just want to drive home the fact that its uses really do not intersect those of a regular food processor as much as you might think. Its main strengths are small jobs that while a regular processor would scream through in two seconds, you would never use it for that because it’s just not worth the clean up job (or lugging it out of the cupboard). I would say it’s great for garnishes but falls short on tasks bigger task than that. It curiously comes with a rough equivalent of a “dough hook” but since the quantity of dough you could produce in the thing is so small I just can’t see it getting used at least not by us. It’s a great tool in it’s own right but it boils down to cost and I personally would put the extra money towards a discrete food processor of small to mid size if I had no food processor at all than rely solely on this tool if I had to make a choice between one or the other.

Although the food processor is clearly meant to be the value driver in the 777, I actually think the masher is the more intriguing of the two additional tools you have to move up to the 777 to get. It’s unassuming, it’s not particularly exciting in construction being what amounts to being basically an all plastic version of the blending wand. It has a wide, flat bottom and in the place of sharp blades is a thick blunt plastic pulverizer and I have to say I think it’s great and honestly will probably get used more than the food processor because we simply don’t have anything like it in the kitchen that does it faster, easier or better.

At the end of the day, I think the Multiquick 7 series “core” is an amazing tool for the kitchen and it does deserve all of these “extras” to get more use out of it, but unless you’re really attached to the idea of the food processing and masher tools the best value lies in the middle which sticks to the strengths of the blender the best at a significantly reduced price. The Multiquick 7 is a 5-star product, but I just don’t see $70 additional dollars worth of value here for the average person. If money is no object to you, each of the tools included here will add versatility to the blender but if friends or family were to ask me for my recommendation about a hand blending system to buy I would most likely point them in the direction of the 735 at this point unless the pricing structure changes to lessen the gap between the 735 and 777 kits.

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