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Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer – Product Review

Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer

Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer is a brilliant product,
Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer in superb Silver Medal with splash guard and 5.2 liter Bowl + spatula + 128 Page power Blender Cookbook.

Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer has some exceptional features as an additional engine powerful (power max output), special robust mechanism and a huge 5.2-liter stainless steel flat. Mixer was recently voted by the newspaper independent as being in the Top ten best mixers
Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer comes with a recipe book of the food mixer, filled with delicious recipes for bread’s and cakes. The 5.2-liter bowl is made of high-quality grade 304 stainless steel
the Mixer also has a very useful splash guard, there are 4 accessories included, dough hook, Flexible beater blade, aluminum beater blade & stainless steel the dough hook and beater blade are made of special aluminum which is perfect for making bread’s and cakes.
Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer is equipped with 6 power levels and also a pulse level. The device is easy to clean but also to exploit. The stainless steel mixing Bowl is dishwasher-safe, and the set comes with a 12 month warranty
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Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer is a kitchen appliance that lives up to its name and reputation. Solid construction adds to its life but it will resist punishment active kitchen and cook can give it. This New model Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer will withstand heavy artillery at all levels and provide the user with a machine that does it all. Its unique design is the one that will find its way to the shelf rather than storing them in the Cabinet.

Initial impression of this new model Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer is one of approval, I know some of the reviews say about it’s “cheap look and makeup” but when you compare this to some of the other branded names and look at their prices it’s probably to be expected.

I had been looking longingly at these larger stand style of mixers like this new model Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer for some time but just wouldn’t commit to buying, my wife has an aversion to anything remotely connected to cooking or the kitchen, and has always made me feel that one would be a waste of money, however I succumbed to temptation on Sunday and ordered this new model Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer.

I am really pleased with this new model Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer, and within an hour of this new model Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer being out of the box it had mixed up a batch of cakes, kneaded bread and whisked egg whites for a meringue. NOT I hasten to add, made by the wife!

I tried all the different speed settings on this new model Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer and whilst it isn’t exactly quiet, it is by no means that this new model Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer is a noisy machine, some reviews mention it being loud, I didn’t find the noise from the motor anything to criticise, My food blender makes as much if not more noise.
The rubber sucker feet of this new model Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer held it secure and it certainly didn’t wander about the work top, even when kneading a full batch of dough.
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I love this new model Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer the machine already and despite my wife not wanting it on display “cluttering HER worktop” this new model Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer does look a nice piece of kitchen equipment that should not be relegated to the back of a cupboard when not in use, mind you if today is anything to go by it, will be well used and have no time for being in the back of a cupboard.

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This new model Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer has a brilliant delivery service from Andrew James, it was here within 48 hours of being ordered.

I have purchased from Andrew James in the past for other kitchen items and am aware of their excellent customer service,and standard of products, so when ordering this new model Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer had no doubts at all that if it should not live up to my expectations, there would be no problems in returning it, however, based upon today’s initial trials it’s going nowhere.

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I reserve the right to comment further at a later date when it has really been put through it’s paces, but based upon todays trials all I can add is;This new model Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer is a brilliant product, unbeatable price, second to non customer care, you just can’t go wrong.
New Model Andrew James 1500 WATT Electric Food Stand Mixer In Stunning Silver With Splash Guard and 5.2 Litre Bowl + Spatula + 128 Page Food Mixer Cookbook

Oct 21

AUKEY Black Sparrow Drone Review

AUKEY Black Sparrow Drone

AUKEY Black Sparrow Drone, Intelligent Fixed Altitude, Colorful LED, Headless Mode Quadcopter

AUKEY Black Sparrow Drone Large with plenty of accessories. Headless mode for those just starting. Super well built for this price range. A blast!,

This AUKEY Black Sparrow Drone is one of the best beginner units out there mainly because of the materials being used, its size, accessories, and the headless feature. For the extra twenty or thirty dollars it costs, there is an upgrade on the plastic and actual aluminium’much harder and heftier yet lighter than the ones I have reviewed earlier.

The AUKEY Black Sparrow Drone is much larger than the ones in this category’please see the comparison as I placed my hand on one of the pictures. I would estimate that the diagonal span is about fifty centimetres. The unit comes semi assembled because of the packaging and I’m assuming to keep it protected during shipping. The propeller guards are large and reinforced and the feet are tall and have rubber on the ends for rough landing on pavement and such. These two parts must be screwed clipped on and screwed in place. The screws are all very carefully labelled and there is a supplied screwdriver. Just make sure you place the screws in a container or something because I lost a couple as they rolled to the floor and into the carpet :). The main frame is attractive and has aluminium bars for the arms. This choice of material appreciated for the price range of the Quadcopter, and it is a first for me. I looked up on Amazon.ca and could not find a similar unit at this price.

The remote control, I found it to be plasticky but it is very functional. It is powered by AAs which are very common and affordable, but those are not supplied which may be a bit of downer for those who want to fly the thin right away 🙂 In addition, I find that a lot of these quadcopters come with a screwed-on backplate for the battery compartment which is a bit of a hassle’there’s probably a purpose for this design, but it is beyond my beginner’s comprehension. The extra blades are a very thoughtful extra included in the package, but I wish, for a couple of extra bucks, Aukey would include another battery as the flight time for these choppers is quite short. Yes, the battery on this unit is about three times the size of pretty much all the units I have reviewed, but the weight’due to the size’of this model cuts on air time.

The all-important question: Is it easy to fly? or Does it fly well? Well, like all drones and flying things, there is a learning curve, so there are some basics of owning a drone and not getting so frustrated like I did with the very first I tried to fly a few months ago: (1) fly and practice over a large area like a field, a farm, or a desert if you live near one 🙂 (2) stay away from trees’I lost my first drone in one (2) when you take off, do your best to move away from the ground as soon as possible. For the first meter or so there is a lot of blade wash and it is very hard to control any drone’people are often why and fearful of getting past 2 meters the first times they try (3) use the headless mode’the one that you set pre-flight and keeps your drone orientated for you so you know where it is going (3) beware that most drones, just like regular helicopters have a short fight time so fully charge your battery and keep your time in check. (4) There are a lot of resources out there like YouTube and blogs written by enthusiasts which are really the best resources one can find to learn to enjoy this fast-growing hobby.

These reviews are meant for us, Amazon consumers, to have the highest possible confidence when buying a product, and the best possible experience when using our purchases. I love writing reviews as they are both fun and challenging to do them with as little bias as possible. I would like you to know that even if and when products are offered at a low or no cost–such as in the case of this particular item–I am equally very serious about providing precise and impartial feedback. Please note that many products, at the time of review, are recent arrivals and fully functional. If a product fails or develops a problem within its warranty time, an adjustment to the review will be made. Thank you very much for voting yes helpful. Also, please feel free to comment or ask questions that relate to this product or other items I have reviewed on Amazon. I am a happy Amazon Prime member for a number of years now.

Oct 21

IdeaNext 1080P Wireless WiFi IP Camera Review

IdeaNext 1080P Wireless WiFi IP Camera

IdeaNext 1080P Wireless WiFi IP Camera Indoor Pan & Tilt Baby Monitor with IR Night Vision, Motion Detection, Two-way Audio

IdeaNext 1080P Wireless WiFi IP Camera Outstanding – easy to set up and use and perfect for home monitoring. Exceeded all hopes and expectations,

I have often wanted to use an IP camera – not for home security or more conventional uses, but to monitor my house-rabbit while I’m away from home, in order to check he is eating and drinking, but I’ve always felt I would have some difficulty in setting it up. Years ago I tried using one but this was in the early days of the internet, Wi-Fi was close to non-existent and I couldn’t get the camera to work. I am delighted to say that since then, technology has moved on and this IdeaNext 1080P Wireless WiFi IP Camera is a doddle!

For any potential purchasers with a similar apprehension, I can reassure that set-up could not be easier: From the box it took approximately 3 minutes to set up – and this is with no previous knowledge or experience. It was a case of simply plug it into a power supply using the mains plug supplied and connect it via a supplied USB lead plugged into the rear of the IdeaNext 1080P Wireless WiFi IP Camera.That’s the hardware done – yes, that’s all there is to it. Next I downloaded the MIPC app from Google Play store, set up a user account with a username and password, added the serial number from the underside of the IdeaNext 1080P Wireless WiFi IP Camera and selected ‘Wi-Fi connection’ (a wired connection into the back of a router is another option). The router details are shown on the phone screen and all that’s necessary is to enter the router password after which a ‘connected’ message will appear on the phone. The user then enters the password from the base of the camera – then change it to something more secure and it is ready to go – complete with an image already on the phone screen.

Yes, that is all there is to it. I was very happily surprised!

Once set up, the IdeaNext 1080P Wireless WiFi IP Camera at home can be accessed anywhere via its Wi-Fi network using your smartphone or tablet and either your local Wi-Fi network or a data connection, but it will gobble data quickly so not recommended for prolonged usage if your phone provider charges hefty sums per megabyte. Although I am using it to monitor my house-rabbit, it has many more conventional uses and would be ideal for:

* Home security – you can monitor a complete room, hallway, garage or outbuilding
* Monitoring your garden – the camera isn’t waterproof and requires a power supply via USB so will need to be positioned indoors, but it can film through glass
* Monitoring an elderly, disabled or infirm family member or relative. Providing the relative has a Wi-Fi router then they can be monitored for falls, injuries, accidents or simply to check they are up and about.

It isn’t quite CCTV but it is similar and also has the benefit of offering filming videos or storing a still image if a micro-SD card (not supplied) is inserted into the rear of the IdeaNext 1080P Wireless WiFi IP Camera. Two-way communication is possible via camera’s inbuilt speaker and microphone while using the speaker and microphone of the phone or tablet at the monitoring end which would be especially reassuring for an elderly person being monitored: note that they do not have to do anything at all but can simply speak from their chair, bed or anywhere in the room and do not actually need to operate the IdeaNext 1080P Wireless WiFi IP Camera themselves thus making it suitable for users who do not understand ‘technology’. An intruder in the home could receive an unexpected message from the distant home owners or, for anyone like me who is monitoring a pet, then a pining pet, particularly a dog, could be comforted with some soothing words.

The IdeaNext 1080P Wireless WiFi IP Camera can be used and accessed day or night. Images in daylight are in colour, bright and clear while after dark, the image is in clear monochrome even in pitch-black conditions – as shown on my demonstration video and uploaded still screenshots from my phone.

* Well made
* Extremely easy to set up with no technical experience or expertise required
* Can take still images, record videos or hold a 1-way or 2-way conversation remotely
* Helpful instruction manual
* Password protected
* Clear, bright and sharp images (colour in daylight, mono in dark conditions)
* Camera angle can be panned vertically and horizontally
* Ideal for monitoring home, business, pets, family members
* Can be accessed via Wi-Fi or mobile phone network from anywhere

* None found

In summary, I have only one regret: I wish I had known about this IdeaNext 1080P Wireless WiFi IP Camera sooner because I would have bought one months ago. I would confidently recommend it to anyone for its quality and performance and exceptional ease of use.

Oct 20

iZtouch SP006 1280x720P HD H.264 Wireless/Wired IP Camera Review

iZtouch SP006 1280x720P HD H.264 Wireless/Wired IP Camera

iZtouch SP006 1280x720P HD H.264 Wireless/Wired IP Camera with Two-Way Audio IR-Cut Filter Night Vision Pan/Tilt Control QR Code Scan Phone remote monitoring supported.

iZtouch SP006 1280x720P HD H.264 Wireless/Wired IP Camera gives Great pictures, easy set up,

The sleek,iZtouch SP006 1280x720P HD H.264 Wireless/Wired IP Camera can be used to check in on your loved ones and your home. It has imaging sensor with cutting edge IR filters that offer exceptional daylight images with vibrant colors and powerful night vision performance. This iZtouch SP006 1280x720P HD H.264 Wireless/Wired IP Camera gives you smooth HD video streaming. With this iZtouch SP006 1280x720P HD H.264 Wireless/Wired IP Camera you are able to see your home while you are away by downloading the app. It has automatic night vision with built-in infrared LEDs. The iZtouch SP006 1280x720P HD H.264 Wireless/Wired IP Camera has a wide range of surveillance and monitoring distance, covering to 26 feet in light. You can view up to 8 meters in the dark when Outdoor Laser Christmas Light switches to the night vision mode. With the app you can add multiple cameras and have access to each individually. With the motion sensor, motion-triggered notifications are automatically sent to your mobile device

for real-time alerts. Setting up this iZtouch SP006 1280x720P HD H.264 Wireless/Wired IP Camera was easy straight forward. I was actually quite impressed by how easy the installation was. Simply scan the camera’s QR code with your smart device and it syncs with the camera automatically. You have flexible placement with the long 10 foot DC power cable. This iZtouch SP006 1280x720P HD H.264 Wireless/Wired IP Camera has built-in Wi-Fi and it can also be used wired. With this camera, you are able to control it from the app, using many of the great features of this camera. You can tilt it up and down and side to side. You can control the built-in microphone and speaker which gives you crisp two-way audio. This camera has a wide viewing range and angle, horizontally 355° and vertically 90°, so you can view any angle, You can set it to record on a supported TF card, up to 128GB. A 32GB TF card can be recorded for up to 15 days. This iZtouch SP006 1280x720P HD H.264 Wireless/Wired IP Camera is a great quality camera for home security and for monitoring.

I would highly recommend this camera to all my friends,subscribers,readers and buyers globally.

Oct 20

Waterproof Smart Watch Phone Review

Waterproof Smart Watch Phone
Waterproof Smart Watch Phone Compatible with IOS & Android,Use for Surfing,Snowboarding,Swimming (Gray)

Waterproof Smart Watch Phone most important functions work!,

This Waterproof Smart Watch Phone is about as good as it can be for $100. It works real well making, and receiving calls and receiving text messages. As excited I am about what it is able to do, I will point out a couple of things that failed to work for me. I will try to be as concise as possible and will leave it up to you to decide if you can live with some of the key features and/or lack thereof. The watch can be used 2 ways. 1) SIM card can be inserted in the watch and used as a stand alone device or 2) you can connect the watch to your phone via Bluetooth and can be used along with your phone as auxiliary device that can accept and make calls and get notifications.
If you don’t like to carry your phone all the time but don’t want to be completely unplugged from receiving text messages and making or receiving calls, then this watch comes in real handy.

Took close to 3.5 weeks to arrive from China. This is neither a negative or positive, it all depends on how fast you want it. The functionality it provided was worth the wait.
The Waterproof Smart Watch Phone is sporty looking and it is built to be for activity, mostly composed of plastic for its lightweight and waterproof qualities.
The main body is made of hard plastic and is a bit on the big side, approx. 1.75’x2′. Although initial reaction may be ‘whoa, that’s kind of big!’ you will appreciate the larger size for visual acuity and ideal size for navigating through the watch settings and apps.
The straps are made of durable plastic as well. The widths of the straps are about 1′, which work well with the large watch body frame. It’s proportionally pleasing to the eye.
The manufacturer has decided to go with a separate charging contraption that clips on to the watch itself. It’s a bit of a shame that you now have to worry about an extra piece that could get lost. This is however, not uncommon. I guess its one extra bulky piece to keep the watch from becoming a tablet with straps.
Through normal use, (alerts with vibrate and sound, making calls, receiving calls etc.) I got about 3 days of use with 1 full charge. I have a 6 month old iPhone 6 (much larger battery than the watch) that needs to be charged every 1.5 days to put things in perspective.
Overall,This Waterproof Smart Watch Phone was quite simple to navigate through the menu. The apps have an icon with the description below. There were not too many hidden sub-menus that made navigation too difficult.
Apps/icons presently included are:

1) Phonebook ‘works but no fast scroll or search feature. A bit tedious if you have a ton of contacts to scroll through. Scrolling is accomplished through finger swipe.
2) Dialer- dialing and receiving calls worked extremely well. Voice quality was pretty good on both sides.
3) Call logs- displays your recent calls (syncs to your phone and downloads past call logs as well).
4)BT music- works (I found you need to open music app on phone first for this to sync to watch) ,the watch cannot open the app on it’s own.
5)Messaging- I believe this is for email (not SMS messaging). It did NOT work. I received sound alerts for incoming emails on my phone but that was the extent of it, no visual readouts nor did it stay in the alert log. There are no options to set up email.Please see #7 remote notifier, for SMS messaging.
6)remote capture- don’t know what this does, manual doesn’t say. Perhaps it involves external hardware piece?
7) Remote notifier- this syncs with your phone and will display all notifications you get from your phone. App reminders and SMS messaging worked quite well. You cannot respond to texts with your watch. Incoming emails will make a sound but does not display on the watch.
8 ) Pedometer, calculator, stopwatch, alarm, sedentary reminder, calendar- straightforward apps.
9) Sleep monitor- not too interested in this, so I did not even try it.
10)heart rate monitor- a bit schizo and requires you to have watch and yourself to be absolutely still, kinda works if you get the hang of how you take the readings. You can sync with IOS/Android app (called Fundo Wear) to gather all the data.
11) sedentary reminder- basically a timer that you set to tell you to get moving.
12)find my device- did not work (need some sort of special device called Mediatek)
13) settings, file manager, power savings- straight forward and self explanatory
14) siri- did not work for me.
Can be set on its own or it can be synced with Phone via BT, this feature works well.

Overall, although there were some app fails on this Waterproof Smart Watch Phone,I was happy that the main features of being able to make and receive calls, and receiving texts worked really well. Voice clarity was good on both ends. There is a definite difference in functionality between this brand and a brand name smart watch, so price gap is where it should be. If you think that the above features will be helpful to you, then you should determine paying $100 for that convenience is worth it. All the other apps, I find useful at times and just consider it a bonus. I have a large iPhone 6 Plus and I do find that not having to carry my phone around all the time is worth that price.
5/5 for the important functions that make it worth it to have the watch.At least for me.

Oct 17

CPR Call Blocker Shield Review

CPR Call Blocker Shield

CPR Call Blocker Shield – 1500 Number Capacity – 2000 Nuisance and Scam Numbers Pre-Loaded – Block Nuisance Calls, Unwanted calls, PPI Calls (Gloss Black)

CPR Call Blocker Shield Oversized big button call blocker,

Most of the CPR Call Blocker Shield I have seen are using an LCD display and fairly small; with this one it’s probably aimed at users who want pure simplicity without any confusing number of buttons. The unit I looked at has a matt effect soft touch finish (not a glossy one) and a diameter of 13cm with a very visible “block now” red button. On the underside are four ports for 2 lines/telephones with two shorter cables included in the pack (28cm in length). Instructions are excellent showing you how to install the unit not just for a normal phone line it has router/DSL and parallel which should cover any set up. Pictures and text are clear can’t see anyone having a problem getting this up and running.
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CPR Call Blocker Shield Button is both large and has a firm feel to it with a distinctive “click” sound when pressed. I can see this being of interest possibly for those who are visually impaired/elderly, or who want a simple way of using the call blocker.

Minus the LCD display begs the obvious question how to you manually add or remove numbers or change the settings? To do this you use a combination of the * button on the handset and a few numbers with an audible “beep” to confirm it’s set. You can add specific numbers to block, remove, block private numbers/international/withheld or do a factor reset. It’s listed out in the manual which I would keep around for reference purposes or there is a mini sticker with the settings detailed on it.. Perhaps not as intuitive as an LCD version..but it retains the functionality if needed. I’d be surprised if you get anywhere near the 1500 number memory of the unit.

There is a FAQ section at the back it’s easy to follow (though a little small in font). Few areas to nit pick on this I might have added some rubber pads on the underside to prevent slipping around, bar that no obvious issues have come to light during testing it works well.
For those who want an easy to use no hassle CPR Call Blocker Shield this looks like a solid choice.

Oct 11

Compact Waterproof 10×42 Roof Prism Binoculars Review

Compact Waterproof 10x42 Roof Prism Binoculars

BNISE – Compact Waterproof 10×42 Roof Prism Binoculars for Hunting Birding Hiking and Outdoor Viewing

BNISE – Compact Waterproof 10×42 Roof Prism Binoculars Review,

The BNISE – Compact Waterproof 10×42 Roof Prism Binoculars are supplied within a retail styled cardboard packaging bearing some pretty pictures and some product bumpf, but no actual images of the contents within nor actually any real information relating to the actual product.

Opening the box up we find an instruction leaflet (a double sided A4 sheet) containing very limited instructions in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and another language I am unfamiliar with and a black soft shell carry case bearing the following items…

– The binoculars wrapped in clear plastic.
– A small glasses cleaning cloth stored within a resealable plastic bag.
– A neck strap for the binoculars stored within a separate resealable plastic bag.

The carry case is designed specifically for the size of the binoculars and the binoculars alone with no room to spare (if the neck strap is attached it will have to dangle out of the case) and there are no other pockets or compartments to be found.

It is made from black canvas on the outside has a dark grey microfibre lining on the inside. The front and back of the case are fitted with a wafer thin layer of foam padding, although there is no to be found on the sides or the base.

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The case has a 6.5cm high, 3cm wide belt loop on the rear (too small to use as a handle) and an adjustable length shoulder strap that measures 89cm long when fully extended and just 1.9cm wide with no padding. Standing 6′ 1″ tall, this shoulder strap is simply too short to be of any use for me as it barely sits under my armpit meaning I have to hold my arm raised, although this is irrelevant as more often that not it simply just slides off my shoulder and is far too short to consider mounting over the body.

The opening flap is secured via single small centralised Velcro tab and perhaps the main benefit is that the body of the case is waterproof (no ingress after being held under a running tap for 15 seconds), beyond this its a fairly basic product of little standalone worth.

This is a 14.5cm x 14.5cm square microfibre glasses cleaning cloth with a serrated edge that is beige in colour, without branding and is for cleaning the lenses on the binoculars.

First off it should be noted that these binoculars are not made by BNISE, they are in fact branded Askia. The Amazon product listing claims the binoculars to be “compact” yet if you read the reviews you will find that some people have noted they were not as “compact” as they were expecting.

In truth, to the eye, they are about 1/3 the size of what I would call a full sized pair of binoculars and about twice the size of what I would call a pair of compact binoculars that fit in a pocket. Some personal measurements taken by eye with a caliper and engineers rule are as follows…

Barrels expanded as far as possible (it should be noted that this is how the binoculars fit in their supplied carry case)…
– 14.7cm long including both sets of lens caps or 14.1cm long excluding.
– 13cm wide at their greatest point and 11.8cm wide at their narrowest including the caps or 12.7cm wide at their greatest point and 11.4 wide at their narrowest excluding the caps.
– 5.6cm high at their greatest point.

With the barrels moved as close together as possible (the binoculars do not fit in the carry case in this position) …
– The length is obviously the same (14.7cm long including both sets of lens caps or 14.1cm long excluding).
– 11cm wide at their widest point and 9.6cm wide at their narrowest point excusing the caps (I can see no need to know the measurements with them when set at this position).
– 6.45cm high at their greatest point.

As for the weight of the binoculars, on their own they weigh 590g, with both sets of lens caps they weigh 634g, adding the neck strap brings the total to 660g and lastly adding the carry case makes a total of 732g.

The body of the binoculars is almost completely encased in black rubberized silicone, how thick this is, is an unknown and as to what’s underneath is also an unknown but it is claimed to be metal.

Firstly, we will start with the ocular lens end of the binoculars. The cover for these lenses are made from a black rubberised malleable silicone with each cover being adjoined by a flexible tether. The fit on the left eyepiece is secure and remains in place at all times by on the right eyepiece when the binoculars are turned upside down it simply falls off and the drag caused by it hanging makes short work of pulling the other loose.

On the outside edge of the left cap a small loop has been formed that allows the ocular lens caps to be secured to the neck strap when it is in use. This allows the caps to be removed and held by the neck strap when they are in use keeping them handy, hands free and also preventing them from getting lost, especially given how limp the fit is on the right eyepiece.

Sadly, given how limp the fit is on the right eyepiece (at least with my particular sample) use without securing the caps to a neck strap will very likely sooner or later lead to their loss.

Underneath the caps are found 16mm diameter ocular lenses that have a slight blue tint with a 4.5mm wide black plastic frame. Surrounding the lenses are black twist and extend eyepieces made from plastic and coated with black rubberized silicone with a plastic ratcheted extend and retract mechanism.

These eyepieces extend by approximately 4.5mm and sadly, even fully extended I find I have to hold the eyepiece some 1.5cm away from my eye otherwise my eyelashes cause an obstruction (which is far worse when the eyepieces are not extended). This makes it tricky to get a clean image without either my eye lash causing obstruction or the eyepiece causing a shadow in the centre.

Behind the right extending eyepiece we find the diopter ring. This is made from black ABS plastic and has a recessed tread pattern implied, to offer ease of use. Sadly the resistance as it is rotated is inconsistent and the recessed tread grip is too far spaced apart, it’s not difficult to adjust with the binoculars held to the eye but it could have been easier to use and smoother in its operation.

The next feature are the neck strap mounting points that are found 35mm down the barrel from the eyepieces (when they are not extended). These are fixed in place 45 degrees from the underside of the barrels and 45 degrees from the outside edge. These mounts unlike the majority of the binoculars are made from black ABS plastic and protrude through the rubberised silicone sleeve covering the barrels.

During my testing thus far these mounting points most defiantly appear to be strong and secure and if there was a weak point in the whole neck strap system it would have to be the neck strap itself.

Between the two barrels the hinge again covered with black rubberized silicone has a suitably stiff yet fluid motion, although it is slightly easier to separate the barrels compared to closing them. At the ocular lens end of the binoculars the focus dial/knob is found at the end of the hinge measuring 33.5mm in diameter at its greatest point.

The focus dial is covered in black rubberized silicone and again has an inconsistent fluidity of its movement, the tread/grip, however allows ease of use with the binoculars held to the eye but precision is not exactly a word I would use to describe its motion. It should also be noted that turning the dial anticlockwise is far more resistive and slightly more difficult to do compared to its clockwise motion.

At the opposite end of the binoculars we find that the objective lenses, both have separate, independent covers that are not adjoined and nor are they a permanent or even a semi permanent fixture.

These caps are again made from black rubberized silicone with a raised lip on the cover to gain purchase for removal and at the end of a short tether is a rubberized silicone ring. This is designed so that the cap can be removed yet be retained at the same time to the barrel.

Sadly the cops have a couple of issues. The most notable is when the caps are attached to the tether (or hinge) located on the underside of the barrel the weight of the cap does not cause it to hang freely. Instead the cap hangs at about a 45 degree angle pointing slightly forwards, this is fine on a still day viewing a static object, but with a breeze or viewing a swiftly moving object they can obstruct the view.

Secondly the ring section offers quite a limp fit and often when removing just the cap from the barrel this also pulls the securing ring (and thus the whole cover) away from the barrel.

Lastly, we come to the objective lenses which measure 4cm in diameter recessed by 5mm within the barrel and have a far more notable blue tint than the ocular lenses.

1. As a person of above average height, build and strength yet with a weak right wrist they are comfortable and offer a good grip in use with two hands even for prolonged periods. Held just in my right hand again the grip is good, even with a slightly sweaty hand, comfort is good as long as not held to the eye for prolonged periods with just one hand.

2. These binoculars aren’t great for low light situations, Mr Baz has articulated this well within his review and I make no effort to rip his work of but the fact is this. When the sun dips below the horizon, no matter how light outdoors it may seem to be looking through the binoculars you will see very little. When the sun is high in the sky, however it is clear to note that it is not just due to the positioning or size of the lenses but also due to the coating on them as well.

3. Shortly after unboxing the first time the binoculars were used was indoors and at a distance of 8m in a well lit room a thin layer of dust was evident on a light fitting that clearly was not visible to the naked eye up close. Even when used in these rather unsuitable conditions (no natural light, indoors and short distance) the binoculars were able to easily and clearly focus and provided a highly detailed image.

Use outdoors in the early onset of Autumn with the height of the sun starting to wane the binoculars as Mr Baz said certainly do not disappoint. As noted earlier, I did struggle somewhat with my eyelashes causing an obstruction, but holding my eyes slightly further open than natural the image produced by the binoculars is very impressive. In fact, during the time I have been testing them to watch birds gathering food from our feeders the only point of detraction I can make this that bright vivid reds have a slight pink hue*.

* We have a wild plum headed parakeet that showed up in March and visits our feeder almost every other day and yes we did make efforts to see if it was a lost pet and after calling the RSPB we found out there are apparently 40-50,000 wild parakeets in the UK (which we defiantly weren’t aware of before).

My final note is that the anti fog claims most defiantly check out. It’s currently 4c outside according to the met office and I can clearly see my breath in the air. After 5 minutes of failing to lock on to any of the many planes landing and taking off at a nearby airport the moon, which was clear as day provided a few moments of glorious beauty. Upon bringing the binoculars indoors despite the humidity the lenses were all entirely free of any condensation.

This is perhaps my biggest disappointment regarding the BNISE binoculars and its quality even compared to the carry case is very poor.

The main bulk of the strap is made from neoprene covered with a bonded lycra on the back and front with a lycra bias stitched onto both edges. On either end two layers of black PU leather have been stitched in place that form as anchor points for the remaining canvas strap.

The padded neoprene section measures 52cm long and 5cm wide and the canvas strap sections can extend at most by approximately 33cm each. This strap comes supplied folded up and has significant memory being very lumpy, malformed and creased out of the packaging.

It is also rather uncomfortable to wear around the neck unless being worn over a jumper or coat, quite honestly, if I were not for the fact I was giving these binoculars to my brother in law I would swiftly replace this strap with a generic DSLR camera neck strap as it simply does not befit the binoculars.

This has been the cause of notable deliberation and is largely based on a price vs quality comparison against a pair of Bushnell Powerview 10×42.

Firstly the Bushnell binoculars do not include a case or a neck strap so despite their quality this is still a plus for the BNISE binoculars. Secondly the BNISE binoculars are waterproof and fog proof and the Bushnell’s are not.

This includes the fact the Bushnells are marginally more expensive I have given a 4* rating, although in reality I wish I could have given a 3.5* rating as in reality, I would have preferred a slightly cheaper product that did not include the lacklustre accessories.

Oct 10

Vida IT NFC Bluetooth 4.0 Headset Review

Vida IT NFC Bluetooth 4.0 Headset Review

Vida IT NFC Bluetooth 4.0 Headset with Volume Control For Motorola RAZR XT910 Moto G Dual SIM DROID MAXX Smartphone Tablet PC Mp3 Player and Other Devices (Black)

Vida IT NFC Bluetooth 4.0 Headset Entry level NFC/Bluetooth earpiece,

Included in this Vida IT NFC Bluetooth 4.0 Headset set is a micro USB charging cable,spare silicone pad which fits on the speaker, plastic clip to attach to the main unit this holds it in place around the back of the ear and a micro USB plug in earphone.

Control are a little difference on this Vida IT NFC Bluetooth 4.0 Headset the usual up/down for volume and track selection,the power on/off and call answer button is integrated into the top part of the case – a bit like a mouse paddle so there isn’t a physical button to press as such.It works well though just take a bit of care when pushing it into your ear as you can press the switch that sits underneath.It’s quite firm though not a light pressure one.Pairing is via the NFC tag (if your phone has this) or just long press on power on (flashing red/blue LED shows you it’s pairing up) and use the normal Bluetooth.

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Sound output is clear and crisp in this Vida IT NFC Bluetooth 4.0 Headset,it’s easy to hear conversations with a good microphone pick up too.Vida IT NFC Bluetooth 4.0 Headset like this are not really aimed at music listening it’s reasonable for that activity. It doesn’t do badly though just larger headsets have a heavier bass. You can output the audio from the single headphone just plug it into the micro USB port (if you are talking though it’s best to keep the main unit in ear), this also gives you stereo output when used with the main speaker.

No voice prompts on this Vida IT NFC Bluetooth 4.0 Headset just the expected beeps,that’s fine as you can still operate it easily. I also liked the side controls where the up button has two dots on the switch and the down just one; so you don’t mistake the buttons. Endurance was quite good at about 4 hours for playback, talk time is rated to over 5.5 hours and it took a little over 80 minutes to charge from flat. The only area I would like to see improved is an additional plastic ear clip included – this is usually the part that breaks on these Vida IT NFC Bluetooth 4.0 Headset.Being fair this one is quite flexible so hopefully will hold up.Quite a good price on this one and it performs well.


Oct 09

2017 Honda Accord Sedan Review

2017 Honda Accord Sedan, Lunar Silver Metallic
2017 Honda Accord Sedan

2017 Honda Accord Sedan A Pleasure to Drive!

I purchased the 2017 Honda Accord Sedan EX-V6 with the Navigation and Sensing. Absolutely love it. I have owned trucks for the last 25 years and was concerned with going from a truck to a sedan; however, two months in and I’m very satisfied. The 2017 Honda Accord Sedan vehicle rides extremely smooth and is a very comfortable ride. I stand 6′ tall and weigh 230 lbs and I have no issues with space (leg or head room) and the seating is not uncomfortable in any way. Acceleration is above average for this type vehicle, so passing and merging is not an issue.

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One of the biggest draws for me was the safety features in the 2017 Honda Accord Sedan. The collision avoidance is comparable with other vehicles that have a similar system. The real catch is the Lane Keeping System. It is incredible! Meant purely as a safety feature, I ran some tests to see how it performed.I found that it is most effective when vehicle speed is above 45 mph.The 2017 Honda Accord Sedan easily kept me within the lines for a 20 mile stretch on the highway with typical interstate curves.

If there was one item in the 2017 Honda Accord Sedan I could have changed, it would be the dual displays. The upper display (in the dashboard) is a semi-static information screen and the lower display can display anything. It would be nice to be able to have the navigation window displayed on the top with the radio displayed on the lower.

I would highly recommend this car to all my friends and clients.

Oct 08

Gosky Deluxe Telescope Camera Adapter Kit Review

Gosky Deluxe Telescope Camera Adapter Kit

Gosky Deluxe Telescope Camera Adapter Kit for Canon EOS /Rebel Dslr – Prime Focus and Variable Projection Eyepiece Photography – Fits Standard 1.25″ Telescopes – Accepts 1.25″ Eyepieces.

Gosky Deluxe Telescope Camera Adapter Kit an excellent kit that’s easy to assemble and feels really solid,

Gosky Deluxe Telescope Camera Adapter Kit is an excellent kit for attaching your Canon camera to a telescope. I am an absolute beginner in both photography and astronomy, so my limited knowledge on both subjects will limit the amount of detail and explanation I can provide in this review.

What I can say is that the entire Gosky Deluxe Telescope Camera Adapter Kit is very well made, and fits together perfectly. Every part of it can be tightened with thumb screws, including your existing eye piece that would be inserted into the center sleeve.

My telescope is a Celestron Astromaster 114AZ that I got used for $40, so it’s obviously not designed for astrophotography, but it has still been very interesting to use it with this Gosky Deluxe Telescope Camera Adapter Kit and see the stars in a different light. Unfortunately, this time of year the moon or any nearby planets aren’t visible at night from here, but I’m really looking forward to seeing what kind of moon photos I’ll be able to get in the coming weeks. For now, I’ve included a photo I got of the star Vega. It’s not very good, but it was the best I could manage at my skill level. To provide another image, I focused my telescope in on a streetlight that was about 120 feet or so away. It turned out much clearer than the star. I can only imagine the quality of photos one could get with a proper tracking telescope and actual photography skills.

The instructions included with the Gosky Deluxe Telescope Camera Adapter Kit are clear and simple, and show you exactly how to assemble everything for either variable projection, or prime focus photography. With no prior experience I was able to get it set up and taking pictures in less than 10 minutes.

Overall, this Gosky Deluxe Telescope Camera Adapter Kit is a really nice kit for a great price. Rather than buying each piece separately, it’s nice to have it all come together ready to go. I would recommend this to anyone looking to get started in astrophotography at a reasonable price.

Oct 07

Jack&Chris® Women Genuine Leather Crocodile Grain Shoulder Bag Review

Jack&Chris® Women Genuine Leather Crocodile Grain Shoulder Bag

Jack&Chris® Women Genuine Leather Crocodile Grain Shoulder Bag Top-handle Tote, WBDZ024

Jack&Chris® Women Genuine Leather Crocodile Grain Shoulder Bag Gorgeous real leather purse & This purse boasts 4 golden feet plus it is made thick enough to stand upright even when empty,

In an embossed crocodile pattern,this Jack&Chris® Women Genuine Leather Crocodile Grain Shoulder Bag is a gorgeous leather hand bag.It is a rich deep black color bag with a dark reddish brown satin like interior with golden colored accents that add even more style to this medium sized (13.3” x 8” x 5.5”) purse that weighs 2.8 pounds.

Four Little golden metal feet protect the bottom of this bag and keep it raised just off surfaces.

For your convenience and style preference an adjustable, removable shoulder strap is included so you can carry this by its short handle, over one shoulder or cross body.

This Jack&Chris® Women Genuine Leather Crocodile Grain Shoulder Bag boasts a large compartment divided in two by a good sized middle zippered compartment, you will find a smaller zippered pocket along the outside of one of these main compartments and 2 open pockets for your cell phone and keys along the other outside pocket. There are no compartments or pockets on the outside of this purse.

This Jack&Chris® Women Genuine Leather Crocodile Grain Shoulder Bag is made of thick leather and stands up even when empty, the zippers work smoothly.

I like the rounded shorter handles on this Jack&Chris® Women Genuine Leather Crocodile Grain Shoulder Bag and its size plus the fact that this purse remains standing when I set it down.

Unlike other purses that I have tested this purse boasts two side snaps that keep the top opening narrow, unsnap them and this purse opens up but this is made with a larger bottom and smaller top so even when it is opened as wide as you can open it all its contents are still secure.

As others have stated this purse does not state that it is made of leather any place on the purse but a sample of the leather is attached to the center compartment to show you the true quality of this genuine leather purse.

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