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Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer – Product Review

Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer

Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer is a brilliant product,
Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer in superb Silver Medal with splash guard and 5.2 liter Bowl + spatula + 128 Page power Blender Cookbook.
Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer has some exceptional features as an additional engine powerful (power max output), special robust mechanism and a huge 5.2-liter stainless steel flat. Mixer was recently voted by the newspaper independent as being in the Top ten best mixers

Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer comes with a recipe book of the food mixer, filled with delicious recipes for bread’s and cakes. The 5.2-liter bowl is made of high-quality grade 304 stainless steel
the Mixer also has a very useful splash guard, there are 4 accessories included, dough hook, Flexible beater blade, aluminum beater blade & stainless steel the dough hook and beater blade are made of special aluminum which is perfect for making bread’s and cakes.
Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer is equipped with 6 power levels and also a pulse level. The device is easy to clean but also to exploit. The stainless steel mixing Bowl is dishwasher-safe, and the set comes with a 12 month warranty

Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer is a kitchen appliance that lives up to its name and reputation. Solid construction adds to its life but it will resist punishment active kitchen and cook can give it. This New model Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer will withstand heavy artillery at all levels and provide the user with a machine that does it all. Its unique design is the one that will find its way to the shelf rather than storing them in the Cabinet.

Initial impression of this new model Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer is one of approval, I know some of the reviews say about it’s “cheap look and makeup” but when you compare this to some of the other branded names and look at their prices it’s probably to be expected.
I had been looking longingly at these larger stand style of mixers like this new model Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer for some time but just wouldn’t commit to buying, my wife has an aversion to anything remotely connected to cooking or the kitchen, and has always made me feel that one would be a waste of money, however I succumbed to temptation on Sunday and ordered this new model Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer.

I am really pleased with this new model Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer, and within an hour of this new model Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer being out of the box it had mixed up a batch of cakes, kneaded bread and whisked egg whites for a meringue. NOT I hasten to add, made by the wife!

I tried all the different speed settings on this new model Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer and whilst it isn’t exactly quiet, it is by no means that this new model Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer is a noisy machine, some reviews mention it being loud, I didn’t find the noise from the motor anything to criticise, My food blender makes as much if not more noise.
The rubber sucker feet of this new model Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer held it secure and it certainly didn’t wander about the work top, even when kneading a full batch of dough.
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I love this new model Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer the machine already and despite my wife not wanting it on display “cluttering HER worktop” this new model Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer does look a nice piece of kitchen equipment that should not be relegated to the back of a cupboard when not in use, mind you if today is anything to go by it, will be well used and have no time for being in the back of a cupboard.

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This new model Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer has a brilliant delivery service from Andrew James, it was here within 48 hours of being ordered.

I have purchased from Andrew James in the past for other kitchen items and am aware of their excellent customer service,and standard of products, so when ordering this new model Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer had no doubts at all that if it should not live up to my expectations, there would be no problems in returning it, however, based upon today’s initial trials it’s going nowhere.

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I reserve the right to comment further at a later date when it has really been put through it’s paces, but based upon todays trials all I can add is;This new model Andrew James 1500 Watt Electric Food Mixer is a brilliant product, unbeatable price, second to non customer care, you just can’t go wrong.
New Model Andrew James 1500 WATT Electric Food Stand Mixer In Stunning Silver With Splash Guard and 5.2 Litre Bowl + Spatula + 128 Page Food Mixer Cookbook

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Feb 21

The Best Medical Medium Life-Changing Foods Review

The Best Medical Medium Life-Changing Foods

The Best Medical Medium Life-Changing Foods: Save Yourself and the Ones You Love with the Hidden Healing Powers of Fruits & Vegetables

Anthony William the author of New York Times best-selling book Medical Medium has written his 2nd breakthrough book the Medical Medium Life-Changing Foods.The author mentions about the deeper healing powers of large varieties of fruits, spices, vegetables and herbs and wild foods that can have a super effect on one’s health.

Whether it’s a chewy apricot bars and honey-coconut ice cream to braised cabbage stuffing with sweet potatoes the author offers mouth watering tasty recipe so as to enjoy maximum benefits out of it.For every food, the author explains in details the properties, the symptoms, and conditions that it can help you get healed or relieved within your body.Including the spiritual and emotional advantages and benefits it has.

In this book, the author explains how when you have the bad news lemons are good to help you lift your spirit.The wild blueberries are called ‘resurrection food’and why is asparagus called the ‘fountain of youth’

He explains in details the specific healing powers of coconut, cucumbers, cat’s claws, kiwis and lots more.

What are the top foods you should eat if you have migraines, thyroid issues, gallstones, brain fog, or hypertension plus many more symptoms and conditions that will be holding you,

How fruits play the key role in fertility.How to take maximum advantage of the stress issues.Your look and view into cravings.

You will see that most of the conventional wisdom from the medical communities has been totally different from the author Anthony William’s point of views.And many of these topics have never appeared or has ever been discussed before.Do not expect the author to explain the old food facts in a revised version.In this book, you will know the full new concept of understanding why oranges give you more than just vitamins C

And thus keeping your loved ones and yourself safe and well, by using a powerful set of tools for healing from all kind of illnesses.


Feb 19

Through a Medical Medium: The Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal

Medical Medium: The Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal

Medical Medium is the latest book in the healing category written by Anthony William who is the New York’s Times Best Selling Author.
He has helped thousands of people fight all types of diseases and ailments that has never been diagnosed or treated in the proper way by medical professionals or doctors.He has been doing this by listening to a divine voice that whispers to him in his ears telling him what are the root cause of the people’s various chronic illnesses and sufferings, and all that they need to do to maintain good health.

There are people from all walks of life who have spent years of their lives in wrong treatments, spent thousands of dollars on all kinds of medical prescriptions before they met him.Now in his breakthrough book.The author has opened the doors to all the medical knowledge that he has developed in the last 25 years in healing back people’s lives from various types of chronic and mystery illnesses.A vast information on the healing process, much of which medical science journals have not yet written down in any of the books or found anywhere for years together.

Medical Medium the latest book written by Anthony William shows that the medical communities have been struggling for quite a long time
to understand at all what is the root causes for chronic diseases and illnesses.Hundreds of illnesses that has affected us can be very well treated by applying natural solutions.Diseases like blood sugar imbalances, chronic inflammation, neurological conditions, autoimmune disease, Lyme disease, adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, Hashimoto’s disease, depression, multiple sclerosis, hormonal imbalances, other digestive disorders, colitis, and much more.

When illnesses tear at our emotional fabric this book offers complete solutions for upkeeping the soul and spirit.If you have symptoms which you do not know what to name it? Or you have been given a treatment which you do not understand? Or you want to care for your patient in a nice way? Or a person whom you love is sick? Medical Medium offers all the answers to your requirements and needs.If you are ever looking out for secrets to live longer and healthier life than you can use this book as a guidebook.The real truth about this world, our life, it’s purpose is all about healing.And the truth about the powers of healing is in your hands.


Feb 18

The Walkera F210(3D Edition) Quadcopter Review

The Walkera F210(3D Edition) Quadcopter

With many years of pro structural design experience in The Walkera F210(3D Edition) Quadcopter, the super capacity of its battery has a very high rate of discharge performance.The flight safety and the flight timing of the Walkera F210(3D Edition) Quadcopter can be increased for a longer period by optimizing the battery’s Li-po electric core and the TX76 seamless integration.

The 700TVL Night Vision Camera mounted on the Walkera F210(3D Edition) Quadcopter has 1 million pixels, high-performance sensors, and high-definition night vision lens.According to the brightness of the light, its photosensitive sensors can automatically be adjusted.

To make sure that the Walkera F210(3D Edition) Quadcopter traverses normally when it’s flying in dark places, the chip can be switched
to infrared surveillance mode with ease.All the players in this group can fly there racer at any time whether it’s daytime or nighttime.
No restrictions are there to the light.

As a player, you can have a combination of different modules.Enclosed here is the modular design of the Walkera F210(3D Edition) Quadcopter which is safe and crashproof.Installing and disassembling the Walkera F210(3D Edition) Quadcopter is very easy.The F3 Flight system is the latest in technology along with the 5.8G image transmission and the professional high-tech speed controller.

By the selection and combination of modules, all the players can set up their speed freely according to their requirements.The player can do it yourself the Walkera F210(3D Edition) Quadcopter to various other products.Thus meeting the different demands of many other players.


Feb 17

Master The Art Of Becoming The Alpha : Control Internal Energy & Master External Game ….Review

Master The Art Of Becoming The Alpha : Control Internal Energy & Master External Game

Do you ever understand why some people in this world have the power within themselves to achieve whatever they want, whenever they want,
the power within themselves to do the things that they always wished for, and whenever they wished for?

Do you ever imagine and think to yourself that if someone else can achieve the impossible success and freedom for themselves, then why can’t you achieve the same impossible success and freedom for yourself?

Nicholas J.Dodge who is a reputed and well-known author of this book will drive you through the journey of personal development with his practical and actionable experience.

“Becoming The Alpha” Is Nicholas breakthrough book where he will guide you specifically in:

Finding of all the highly successful individual personalities five main characteristics.

Keeping you from your personal freedom by overcoming all obstacles of your conscious or subconscious energies.

The infinite opportunities that without any reason sits in front of you when you open your mind.

By opening a mindset of plenty and positive thinking thereby controlling the internal energies.

How successful persons walk to how they are performing by mastering the external game.

Living a complete and successful life filled with total satisfaction, dominance and forever honored.

As the reason is that many of the people you will find:

Fighting with their own self-confidence.

Developing negative thoughts.

Lack of self-determination.

Unsuccessful in different areas of life.

….All this will always remain the way it is unless they are hesitant to take the necessary action that is required.

Nicholas is the author of the best-selling self-help book called “Mindset Mastery” where he has portrayed himself as a beginner

Yet highly influential friends in his field has exposed the myth that people have to settle for something in life for less than what

they desire.

Follow the advice that is been written down in this book and you too will experience a complete life of dominance and total fulfillment

of your life, you previously felt jealous about and desirable.

As a positive thinker make the most out of the time that you have with your desires of dreaming big.

Nothing can stop you from becoming the Alpha.


Feb 16

How To Start A Blog ? Follow These 6 Steps ….

How To Start A Blog ? Follow These 6 Steps ....

How to start a blog? Follow these 6 steps to grow your audience, learn how to write a viral book post, and finally how to monetize your blog.

This new ebook has just been released last week in both the kindle and paperback edition of amazon.com written by Gundi Gabrielle (Author)
Written down in simple English by this author, he has proved and shown step by step in a very systematic easy to follow methods so that you can take your blog from nothing to highly professional content writing.

You have begun with your blog, but what is the next step I should take? I have absolutely no knowledge about it.What should I do?

The next thing I would do is how do I get a large influx of subscribers and readers to visit my blog daily.How do I get maximum targeted traffic by setting up my very own blog?

Promoting all my products and services would be my top priority.Besides earning a lot of money on my blog.

After reading this book you will learn how to make a simple looking blog smartly.No previous experience is required.

Building Up A Successful Foundation

The following topics will be covered:

A Free Gift – For your blog how do you pick a marketable name?

Chapter 1. How to find a blog topic that people actually would like to read?

Chapter 2. Viral blog post ideas how do I find them?

Chapter 3. The Blogging writing style.

Chapter 4. Driving targeted traffic to your blog. How?

Chapter 5. Converting targeted traffic into subscribers. How?

Chapter 6. Making money with your blog.How?

A bonus chapter: Become a travel blogger.How?

Would you be interested to know more

Would you like to be on a successful path? Please download now!

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Feb 13

The Breguet La Tradition Men’s Rose Gold Tourbillon Power Reserve Swiss Made Mechanical Watch Review

The Breguet La Tradition Men's Rose Gold Tourbillon Power Reserve Swiss Made Mechanical Watch

Breguet La Tradition Men’s Rose Gold Tourbillon Power Reserve Swiss Made Mechanical Watch 7047BR/G9/9ZU

Product Description

Weather in Breguet style
AL. The historic invention of Breguet, the tourbillon regulator, was patented in 1801. This device was designed to compensate for speed errors caused by constant changes in the position of the watch. It consists in mounting the exhaust and the elastic balance in a mobile trolley which turns on itself with a total regularity. Errors are therefore repeated regularly and cancel each other out rather than accumulate. Two centuries later, it remains a technical “tour de force” of which very few watchmakers are capable.

Description of the watch

18-carat pink gold case with finely grooved case (41 mm diameter, 16 mm thick), Sapphire crystal case, 18 karat gold and black dial at 7 o’clock position, Silver Roman numerals, Running seconds on the tourbillon at the 1-hour position, Titanium upper deck of the tourbillon carriage, Scratch resistant sapphire crystal, Hand-wound Swiss tourbillon mechanical movement with Breguet titanium balance, Caliber 569, Power reserve 50 hours, Power reserve indication on the drum, constant torque guaranteeing all watch operation thanks to fuse and chain transmission, water resistant to 3 ATM / 30 meters / 99 feet, brown alligator strap, deployment buckle, Model number: 7047BR / G9 / 9ZU.


Feb 13

SportDOG Brand TEK Series 1.0 GPS Tracking and E-Collar System (TEK-V1LT-C) Review

SportDOG Brand TEK Series 1.0 GPS Tracking and E-Collar System (TEK-V1LT-C)

SportDOG Brand TEK Series 1.0 GPS Tracking and E-Collar System (TEK-V1LT-C)

Technological design rough around the edges but in the end, it works.

Okay getting this thing working took me longer than I care to admit. It just didn’t seem to work at first. It’s supposed to come “pre-paired” so the handheld and collar know how to talk to one another but in my case, I just couldn’t get it going until I paired it. Of course, I had to sadly go to the instructions because the buttons on the unit aren’t labeled and I had no idea that there are two separate components sandwiched together, they work together but don’t seem to know anything about one another – like a lobotomized brain. Once I figured this out and managed to pair both components back to the handheld it worked fine and using it was straight forward.

First, I wanted to test the “stimulation” on myself, so with some trepidation, I put my hand across the two metal prongs sticking out the back of the collar and used the button on the handheld unit in “Training” mode to send a shock. YOW… I had it on level 8 (out of 99…) and I reeled my hand away and jumped in my seat. I wouldn’t describe it as “painful” but, it sucked and I am not going to do it again. If you’ve ever forgotten to turn the breaker off in your house before changing a light fixture and shocked yourself just for an instant – yes, that’s the feeling. I am definitely not going to be trying level 99… There are also just simple beeps and vibration options if shocking isn’t your thing.

The GPS system works well, for what it is. I say what it is because, honestly, I think they could have done a lot more with the basic hardware that is already present than what is being done with it. The handheld unit which tracks the collar only gives you very basic information that gives you a general idea of where the collar is, relative to the handheld. Distance away, the speed the collar is traveling (which is interesting) and relative direction. There is absolutely no map integration, not even a rudimentary base map with major land features or even terrain showing elevations. If you actually needed to get from point A to point B to track down a collar you know what direction to head and how far you need to go but you absolutely cannot plan a route. Most of the time I imagine you are not going to be on the edge of the range and this won’t be a big problem however it would have been nice if you knew if there was a large river between you and the collar that you would need to head to a crossing first. Ideally, even city maps would be useful to make things much more versatile. The other regrettable feature that would have been relatively easy to add since there is nothing hardware-wise that would prevent it would be to include a geofence system. In order to get some of these features, you need to upgrade to the TEK 2.0 system, which DOES include topographical maps and a geofence among some other features however it is significantly more expensive.

Build quality of both the collar and the handheld are decent but not particularly noteworthy. They don’t leave me with any impression that they’re delicate, but they also don’t give me the impression that they’re especially bomb proof either. Given their use, I think overall the construction is acceptable and I don’t see any areas of concern in terms of weatherproofing. There is a lot of rubber used both the collar and the handheld. The handheld doesn’t seem particularly premium but it does seem appropriately ruggedized. The screen is low resolution and utilitarian but it is good enough for what it needs to do. You have to use very stiff buttons on the handheld to do everything, there is no touch interface. When I say stiff, I mean it, you really have to press the suckers. It’s particularly annoying on the navigation pad. I totally get why they’re stiff, you don’t want to put the thing in your pocket and go on a shocking spree without even knowing it. That being said, do they have to be this stiff? Probably not.

The system is advertised for “all breeds” but the collar is quite large and bulky and it’s particularly heavy. I think “all breeds” is a stretch here, smaller dogs will find this cumbersome and annoying.

Both the collar and the handheld charge off the same charger (which comes with numerous adapters for use worldwide), they share the same type of charging port and the charger has three leads to charge three parts of the system simultaneously. Bizarrely, you need to plug the collar in twice… one for the “E-Collar” and one for the “GPS Collar”. I get that these are kind of separate things, but really? Very inelegant. The handheld arrived in my kit completely devoid of any charge, which is normally not great for batteries, but it did still come back to life after a charging. The charging ports are hidden underneath rubber port covers which seem to fit snugly enough. The actual charging ports are tiny 2 pin ports and very annoying to actually get connected to the charger it seems a lot of fiddling is required every time to line it up correctly. Why not just use standard USB ports for charging instead of this strange connector considering they charge at 5V anyway?

At the end of the day this system is not cheap, however, it seems to live up to what it promises. Right now, this is the closest thing you’re going to get to remote control for dogs. The system as a whole it works from a utilitarian standpoint, and for most people who “just want it to work” it will probably be fine. As somebody technical, though, the overall package just seems a bit low tech and I was hoping for something with more polish considering the cost. It wouldn’t have hurt if the handheld unit had a larger, more vibrant and touch capable screen and interface. The bulky receiver on the collar could stand to be a bit more streamlined and the two components of e-collar and receiver really have no business being together but not requiring separate charging, separate power buttons etc. Why isn’t this one unit? Certainly integrating everything together would make it smaller and more straightforward.

I think if the features of the TEK 2.0 system were here, at the price it’s being offered, it might be fair to call it a 5-star product however things just seem a bit steeply priced for the features you’re getting in this particular model. A few improvements giving customers some more “obvious” GPS related features on all models and eliminating the Frankenstein’s monster “Crammed together” components of the system would go a long way. 4 star feels is slightly generous considering everything, but 3 would be unfair.


Feb 12

The Jurassic World (Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray) [2015] Review

Jurassic World (Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray) [2015]


22 years ago ‘John Raymond’ had the vision to create a Jurassic world in which the public could interact with
The dinosaurs that had been recreated using DNA from remains of the ancient giants found ….. however, called
“Jurassic Park” everything went horribly wrong, too many errors were made.
On the same site, they have now created the dream once considered, thousands of visitors are now able, in pods
To walk among the herbivores and to see many carnivores behind a protective shield … everything seems to have
One to plan ……. except, the public need to see larger and more ferocious creatures led to a new dinosaur being
Crated, part ‘T.REX’ and part …. you will find out what later during the movie.
The brothers ‘Zach’ (Nick Robinson) and ‘Gray’ (Ty Simpkins) are sent on vacation by their parents who are
Having difficulties, they must stay with their “Aunt Claire” (Bryce Dallas Howard) who holds a key position at “Jurassic
World ‘… the boys are about to spend a week or two around the dinosaurs … quite an adventure.
However, “Claire” is a busy woman and initially hired someone to oversee the brothers, who have now undertaken
A site visit, however, the genetically modified dinosaur broke the restricted compound in the
To the north of the site, one quickly realizes that the Giant is a little more intelligent than that of a normal dinosaur of his
As well, it is also realized that because he had previously not been around other creatures or actually humans, he was killing
Not only for food but for sport.
A call is made to call all the pods, but the boys will be boys, “Zach” and “Gray” ignore the call and walk in
With the help of the usual researcher ‘Owen’ (Chris Pratt) ‘Raptor’, a ‘Claire’ desperate in search of his nephews
Fearing the worst.
The whole park is in danger because things are spiraling out of control, it’s a fight for survival.
This has a lot more “bite” than those that had disappeared before, it’s exciting and visually stunning, those watching will be delighted
That they decided to go ahead of the Jurassic-Park series.
This is quite a watch both in 3-D and indeed quite impressive on the Blu-ray format …… you will have to make sure you are not
Bit if watching in 3-D ……


Feb 12

John Travolta (Actor) & Nicolas Cage (Actor)In Face/Off [Blu-ray] Review


I must admit that this film is one of my many favorites over the years, but a bit farfetched (today who knows?)
For me it hosts two exceptional performances (among the best) of the main actors ‘John Travolta’ and ‘Nicolas Cage’
Several years have passed since F.B.I-AGENT ‘Michael John’ (John Travolta), son ‘Micheal’ was shot
And killed by the master-criminal ‘Castor Troy’ (Nicolas Cage) in an attempt to kill agent F.B.1 …. since when ‘Sean’
Had his intention fixed on the capture ‘Troy’
A final council finally gives him the chance to the airport of Los Angeles, after a fight of fire and fierce hunting, ‘Troy’ is apprehended if but
In an unconscious state, in fact, a condition that left him in a coma, it is unlikely to recover.
However, before “Troy” was thrown into a wind tunnel, he armed “Archer” a bomb was placed at a key location and
Will explode in the next few days …. ‘Archer’ try to learn from his location of ‘Troy’s’ brother ‘Pollux’ (Alessandro
Nivola) who was also captured at the airport, although ‘Archer’ realizes that the feast is real ‘Pollux’ does not give up
A dilemma for the F.B.I for sure, with time, runs out ‘Sean’ is informed of a new medical procedure that involves switching
Face, could it be that taking on the appearance of “Castor Troy” is the only option that can be taken to locate the bomb?
The procedure does not matter too much for “Castor” who is in a Coma, but “Sean” is not going to be happy taking his
Arch-enemy appearance.
‘Sean’ now as ‘Beaver’ facing the ordeals of life in a high-security prison where ‘Pollux’ is detained but will learn bombs
However, in the meantime, the real “Castor” wakes up from Coma and uses
A certain measure of strength insists that the face of ‘Sean’ is given to him by the surgeon who performed the original operation.
‘Castor’ now assumes the role of agent F.B.I ‘Sean Archer’ taking the real identity of ‘Sean’ at work and at home leaving
‘Sean’ (now Castor) in prison.
The real “Sean” must now try to get out of jail and recover his identity, but how can he convince his wife, daughter
And the authorities, it is indeed the true ‘Sean’ ???
Of course, “Castor” will do anything and everything to prevent “Sean” from resuming the life he now has that inevitably
Leads to an explosive show.
The movie with a lot of action throughout is definitely what I would describe as exciting entertainment … a moment since the last
Watch the movie in truth, but, like many favorites we have, all different of course, always a visit.
Bonus Features –
Feature film
Seamless menus
Theatrical trailer.


Feb 12

OUKITEL U20 Plus 4G Smartphone Review

OUKITEL U20 Plus 4G Smartphone

OUKITEL U20 Plus 4G Smartphone MTK6737T Quad Core 1.5GHz 2GB RAM 16GB ROM Android 6.0 OS 5.5 “IPS FHD Display 1080 * 1920px 13.0MP + 5.0MP Digital Fingerprints GPS FOTA WiFi

A complete smartphone offered at an attractive price,

This smartphone Oukitel is the model U20 Plus.

It comes with:
* A soft and transparent shell
* A micro USB cable – USB
* A power outlet
* A metallic tool to extract the SIM card
* A Getting Started Guide
* A warranty certificate

The phone measures 7.75cm in length x 15.4cm in height x 0.84cm in depth. Its large 5.5-inch screen measures 6.85cm in length x 12.18cm in height, with a ratio of 16: 9 is a full HD resolution.
The Oukitel U20 Plus weighs 195 grams; For comparison, a Samsung Galaxy S7 weighs 160 grams.

Its technical characteristics are as follows:
* Processor: Mediatek MTK6737T ARM Cortex-A53 Quad-core at 1.5GHz
* RAM: 2GB LPDDR3 at 733MHz
* Storage: 16GB eMMC5.1 (only 11GB usable) + micro SD card
* GPU: ARM Mali-T720MP2 Dual-core to 600MHz
* Display: touchscreen – capacitive – IPS – 5.5 inches with full HD resolution (1920x1080px)
* Contrast Ratio: 2000: 1
* Slab: 401 dpi (pixels per inch)
* Dual-SIM
* Micro SD card reader
* Fingerprint reader
* Network: LTE (4G), W-CDMA (3G) and GSM (2G)
* WiFi: 802.11 b / g / n (no ac)
* Rear camera: 13Mpx resolution (dual camera) with autofocus and LED flash
* Rear camera sensor: Sony IMX135 Exmor RS
* Front camera: resolution 5Mpx
* Front camera sensor: GalaxyCore GC5005
* PC connection: USB 2.0 (micro USB plug on the smartphone)
* Bluetooth: 4.0
* Gyroscope
* Proximity sensor
* Light sensor
* Accelerometer
* Compass
* 3.5mm stereo jack
* FM Radio
* FOTA (Firmware Over The Air)
* Operating system: Android 6.0 Marshmallow
* Battery: 3300 mAh Lithium-Ion, non removable
* Colors available: pink, gold, gray, black

This smartphone is modular since it can accommodate either two SIM cards (a micro SIM + a nano SIM), or a micro SIM + a micro SD card. Finally, it is possible to use a nano SIM + micro SD card, provided you use a nano SIM to micro SIM adapter (not supplied).

The large 5.5-inch screen is responsive and comfortable for browsing the Internet or watching movies. The “automatic rotation” function is convenient but can be disabled if desired. The slab of the Oukitel U20 Plus is on the other hand less bright than the Super AMOLED models that one finds for example on the Samsung Galaxy.

The Android 6.0 Marshmallow interface is user-friendly and entirely in French. At the first launch of the phone, we are offered to configure our mailboxes, address Gmail, repatriate the data present on our old smartphone, etc.

To unlock the smartphone, you can use a PIN or embedded fingerprint reader; The latter is located at the back in the center of the telephone, and I find it rather efficient; The shell that is provided is compatible with this fingerprint reader: it is therefore, unnecessary to remove it to use a fingerprint.

The “+” and “-” volume buttons are located on the left side, as well as the power button (I sometimes press it inadvertently). The 3.5mm audio jack is located on the top edge of the smartphone and is easy to access.

Overall, the photo rendering is of average quality: the photos look dull and lack shine. The picture resolution is 4160x3120px for the rear camera and 1920x1080px for the front camera (video in 640×480 on the front camera). The presence of a LED flash is appreciable, and the latter also serves as an auxiliary flashlight.

The battery of the smartphone has a capacity of 3300mAh (for the info, the battery of a Galaxy S7 is 3000mAh) which gives it an autonomy correct: count a big day of use when all the functions of the smartphone are activated H24 obviously). The battery is unfortunately not removable. At the factory, the smartphone is charged at 50%.

Small disappointment: the start of the smartphone is quite long; Telephone is switched off, it takes 36 seconds to reach the PIN code selection screen; For comparison, a Samsung Galaxy S7 takes 25 seconds to arrive at this same screen.

I appreciate the dual SIM functionality, which makes it possible to use both a private and professional line on the Oukitel U20 Plus. I am also very satisfied with the quality of reception of the signal: I can thus receive calls in rooms where my previous smartphones switched directly on answering machine.

In conclusion, the Oukitel U20 Plus is a complete smartphone, equipped with modern features and sold at an attractive price (about 135 euros per hour when I write this test). Of course, it does not have a quality display worthy of a high-end smartphone or even a state-of-the-art processor, but it is more than enough in most situations (go on the Internet, check emails, watch movies, Playing games, etc.).

Good points:
+ B


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